President Trump was wrapping up his first overseas trip last weekend when news hit that two men in Portland had been fatally stabbed by a white supremacist who was going on an anti-Muslim rant on a commuter train.

A U.S. Senator for Oregon went on record Wednesday saying that Trump bore responsibility for the “wave of violence” marked by the stabbings, which puts him in the dubious company of Michael Moore.

Moore, of course, hasn’t let a single opportunity slip by to tap into and amplify the anger and frustration of “the resistance,” encouraging the losers of the 2016 election, for example, to attend the Inauguration Day “Festival of Resistance” and disrupt the peaceful transfer of power.

But no, he’s not responsible for setting the tone that has led to months of protests and riots and clashes between police and antifascists. It’s Trump who set the tone for that stabbing in Portland.

It shouldn’t have to be said again, but both BuzzFeed and The Oregonian scoured Jeremy Christian’s Facebook page for some clue to his political affiliations, and though they remain “nebulous,” Christian posted that Bernie Sanders was “the President I wanted” because “he voiced my heart and mind.”

In January 2017, he posted that he was “gonna kill everybody who voted for Trump or Hillary” and warned them: “Reveal yourselves immediately and face your DOOM!!!”

It’s impossible to tell at this point, but it seems unlikely the man accused of carrying out the stabbings would credit Trump for inspiring him.

Pop quiz: Who posted on social media, “Let’s stop these pipelines and reign in the Prison/Military Industrial Complexes!!!” Was it A) Michael Moore, or B) Jeremy Christian?

Moore’s supporters seem to have gained plenty of inspiration from him:

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