When new DNC chair Tom Perez and Bernie Sanders set out on their “unity tour” in April, there were plenty of complaints from Democrats. Most obviously, Sanders is not a Democrat, although he remains massively popular among the younger set that Hillary Clinton just couldn’t seem to reach.

And there was the second problem: Sanders not only hasn’t retreated from the spotlight; he’s not giving anyone any firm commitments regarding 2020. Will he run again as a Democrat? Will he step aside and clear the way for Hillary, now that she’s emerged from woods? And, just a thought: don’t the Democrats have anyone under 70 they could put up as a candidate in 2020?

The New Republic has dared to ask the question despite the risk of pussy-hatted mobs of #StillWithHer holdouts assembling outside with torches.

We did catch those millions of women taking to the streets. What we didn’t miss, though, was the Women’s March organizers deliberately leaving Hillary’s name off the official list of honorees, leaving supporters to put together an #AddHerName hashtag campaign.

* * *