As Twitchy reported, three men were stabbed, two fatally, in a confrontation on a Portland commuter train with a man who was allegedly shouting anti-Muslim slurs at two young woman, one in a hijab.

The usual suspects weighed in on Twitter, including Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and eventually, Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party’s candidate in 2016.

As we also reported, BuzzFeed tracked down the attacker’s Facebook page and posted several screenshots, which seem to show that Jeremy Christian was a passionate supporter of Bernie Sanders and also … Jill Stein. (He despised Hillary and couldn’t bring himself to vote for Trump, if his posts are to be believed.)

That’s … awkward. It might be Trump’s America, but the alleged killer shouting anti-Muslim slurs had a Sanders/Stein 2017 dream ticket in mind.

* * *