President Trump’s first foreign trip ended Saturday with a quick stop at Naval Air Station Sigonella in Sicily, where Air Force One was waiting to bring him back to Washington — “and a storm of controversy,” according to CNN’s Jeremy Diamond.

Rather than hold a news conference, Trump took what many called a “victory lap” instead, speaking briefly to troops at the air base after an introduction and a smooch from Melania.

Sorry, back up a bit … we’re going to need some expert analysis on that kiss from journalists on the ground so we’ll have some background for when CNN has nine panelists analyze it later via split screen.

Yes, all of America feared the first couple was barely speaking after yet another slow-motion, Zapruder-style frame-by-frame analysis captivated social media this week.

That, of course, only confirmed what others managed to spot while scrubbing frame-by-frame through a zoomed-in, eight-second clip from the inauguration; Melania’s face was the face of an abused woman, and the clip was a horrifying depiction of a domestic predator and his prey.

So, have the president and first lady reconciled after all that speculation they’re on the outs? The press covering the couple’s departure from Sicily was either too tired from the trip to perform a forensic analysis of the video and add snarky commentary, or maybe like many of us, they just didn’t notice any problems.

* * *