Some progressives are getting the sneaking suspicion they’ve been had. Following the instructions in the Indivisible Town Hall Resistance Guide (and some adorable marker diagrams by Robert B. Reich), they’ve been filling GOP town halls to capacity and dragging out the Halloween decorations for a die-in or two in the parking lot to kill time.

They’re already putting their Sharpies to work for Friday’s town hall/die-in in Missouri.

Rep. Darrell Issa’s office has announced he’ll be holding a town hall Saturday, June 3.

Time to start painting those cardboard headstones and … hey, wait a minute. That’s the same day as the next major protest march, the #MarchForTruth. What’s an activist to do?

If the congressman is fake and the town hall is fake, then the only reasonable course of action is to attend the #MarchForTruth instead.

* * *