Here’s something worth noting, according to Philip Rucker, White House bureau chief at the Washington Post. Did anyone else happen to catch how President Donald Trump met with Pope Francis just a day after he released his proposed budget, which “guts programs for the poor”?

We’ve seen a lot of fuss on social media about first lady Melania Trump wearing a veil to meet the pope after leaving her head uncovered in Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that she observed official protocol in both situations. But we’re not familiar with the president being in any way obligated to present a budget that American journalists believe would pass muster with the pope.

When American journalists aren’t confusing Sikhs for Muslims, their attempts to touch upon Christianity come across as equally awkward. Here’s Exhibit A from ABC News’ chief political analyst:

That First Amendment firewall between church and state must be respected, but it’s OK to slip in a “What would Jesus do?” when the government is tackling policies regarding refugees, social programs for the poor, abortion … OK, not abortion.

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