“Controversial” (i.e., conservative) campus speakers have had a difficult spring semester, with responses from students and administrators ranging from full-blown riots to cancellations to literal bans of certain speakers.

It was enough to inspire a commission at Wellesley to ask student groups to think twice before inviting speakers with “controversial and objectionable beliefs” and to consider the possible pain, injury, harm, and damage a guest speaker could inflict on the student body by his or her presence on campus.

People who don’t truly know Charles Murray know only that he co-wrote “The Bell Curve” and therefore is a horrible person who spreads hate wherever he goes. Murray was expecting an audience at Middlebury College in March but instead found a mob waiting for him. A professor from the school was injured when the mob tried to keep her and Murray from leaving campus in their car.

It’s been more than two months since that debacle was captured on video, and Middlebury has at last announced the disciplinary measures handed down.

No arrests? No suspensions? What, then?

So, 41 members of the indoor mob received sanctions for participating in the “disruptive protest,” while 26 more will receive a mark on their permanent record.

According to the report from Inside Higher Ed, the Middlebury Police Department could not identify the specific individual who sent the professor to the hospital. Police added that “as many as eight masked individuals were in the area and used tactics indicating training in obstruction,” so who knows if they were even students? Maybe more schools could consider banning masks rather than banning speakers.

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