Following a suicide bombing that killed 22 and wounded dozens more in Manchester, plenty of people are advising their fellow citizens on how to react to the tragic attack. It didn’t take long at all for the Independent to declare there was only one way to respond: keep calm and carry on.

Carry on exactly as before? Are you sure you want to do that?

We can think of a lot of options that rank well above, “do nothing.” However, we’d better keep quiet or else we might be reported.

“Controversial” (i.e., not progressive) Daily Mail Online columnist Katie Hopkins offered her take on the terror attack as well and was not at all content to advise people to carry on as usual.

However, it was the following tweet that was forwarded to the Metropolitan Police, who acknowledged they received it and pledged to have a specialist review and assess it:

That tweet might have garnered some 13,000 likes, but it clearly crossed the line for some. One follower, who has since protected his account, reported Hopkins to the police, accusing Hopkins of inciting racial hatred.

Just a guess here, but we’d wager the suicide bomber did a lot more to incite hatred than Hopkins did by tweeting.

Really? Inciting violence? That would spell trouble for every progressive PAC in America, since every single one boasts a name similar to Stand Up, Rise Up, or Demand Action.

It must be the racial component that’s problematic, then; maybe with their sophisticated forensic equipment, London’s police will be able to find the clear incitement of racial hatred that was alleged.

* * *