We’re old enough to remember the first several times during the 2016 campaign that Donald Trump was presented as history’s greatest monster.

Strangely, several women emerging with allegations of sexual harassment on the very same day didn’t resonate with the public nearly the way that the “Access Hollywood” tape did, inspiring the “pussy hat,” vagina lollipops, Vaginas Against Trump T-shirts and a #GOPHandsOffMe protest in front of several Trump properties.

Now, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is stepping down in light of allegations and a lawsuit alleging that he sexually abused minors and paid them for sex back in the ’80s.

That’s a bad thing, right? Because the New York Times keeps tweeting that people in the LGBT community are all super sad about the charges.

OK, we get it. Sadness reigns in the LGBT community. But it’s a “complicated sadness,” acknowledged the the chairwoman at advocacy group Equal Rights Washington. So, we’re not doing the pitchforks and torches thing?

No, they’d be making jokes about his “wide stance” in airport men’s rooms or something.

The accusations of paying minors for sex — which Murray denies — aren’t even mentioned until the sixth paragraph. Murray’s former foster son alleges Murray began sexually abusing him when he was 13. But what’s important here is just how sad everyone is.

Cheer up, New York Times! Seattle will only grow even more diverse in Murray’s absence and the sun will shine again.

* * *