As Twitchy reported, the editor of the New Republic recently spelled out in a lengthy series of tweets the two options America faces: keep Trump and watch America transform into the wasteland of “Mad Max,” or impeach Trump and live in the world of “The Handmaid’s Tale” under President Pence.

It was a hot take, certainly, but it wasn’t necessarily fresh.

If Trump is bound to be impeached and Americans are destined to live out “The Handmaid’s Tale” in real life, does that make this woman lucky to live in Indonesia where she’ll be safe from Pence’s theocratic impulses?

Jewel Topsfield this week covered the public canings in Indonesia. File these under nonfiction:

That is totally something Mike Pence would do.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported:

Four heterosexual couples … received up to 30 lashes of the cane for khalwat (being in close proximity, such as secluded in a room, when not married), which is effectively kissing and hugging.

One of the women couldn’t continue after nine lashes and had a break before returning to the platform, where a white triangle marked where the convicted must stand and face the crowd while being caned.

“You are strong in bed, but you pretend to be in pain when caned,” someone yelled.

In truth, that woman’s caning was just the opening act for the headliner, which was expected to draw a much larger crowd than usual.

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