The awards recognizing the new golden era of political journalism we’re all witnessing will go to reporters at the nation’s biggest newspapers, even though unnamed sources and leakers within the government seem to be the ones dishing all the dirt, true or not.

On Monday, Trey Yingst, chief White House correspondent for One America News, served up a scoop unlike the others we’ve seen so far: now unnamed sources are saying that three White House staffers have been identified as leakers and will be sent packing once the president returns from overseas.

Quite a few couldn’t help but notice that the scoop on government leakers being identified came from an unnamed source.

Yingst has an explanation why no one’s been fired yet.

We liked this scoop a lot better when it was just the one tweet.

So, has President Trump announced he’s going to fire these leakers when he arrives home, or is the White House waiting on guidance from the Office of Government Ethics?

Everyone hold up a second, OK? This sounded like a big scoop, but it needs a little patching up before it’s presentable.

Someone called it:

* * *


Yingst corrected the bit about the OGE’s role but appears to stand by the rest of the report.

Here’s video of OAN’s report: