While progressives debate the big question on their side — should Congress hurry up and impeach Trump now, or wait until after the 2018 elections so that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will become president once both Trump and Pence are removed from office — registered Democrats might be pulling the rug out from under them.

There’s no denying that events like the Women’s March, pulled together quickly after the election and driven by backlash against Trump’s victory, were massive. Maybe if the Democrats had set up a “pussy hat” concession stand they could have raked in a few bucks, because it doesn’t look like the anti-Trump crowd is feeling like giving the Dems more money.

To be honest, it’s no shock that fundraising was way down from last April, an election year. But a lot of Democrats are consoling themselves over Hillary Clinton’s loss by looking forward to the backlash against Trump that’s they’re sure will be made evident at polling places in 2018. If that’s in the cards, donations aren’t showing it.

Is new DNC chair Tom Perez to blame? Well, he did a “unity tour” with Bernie Sanders, the non-Democrat whose devoted followers are still sore over his treatment by the party. Perez also told pro-choice Democrats to get in line or forget about receiving party support (something he’s walked back from a bit).

Perhaps best of all, his abrasive style was reflected in the party’s hot new $30 T-shirt, “Democrats Give a Sh*t About People.” How did those not bring in millions by themselves?

Don’t the the anti-Trump faction of the GOP kid anyone into thinking the Democrats are getting along famously.

The Democrats could give those rising stars some time in the spotlight — or sit tight and hope Joe Biden decides he’s running.

A fair point: individual candidates like Georgia’s Jon Ossoff are raking in cash, even if the checks are being mailed from Hollywood.

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