Just when the major newspapers failed to come through with the daily “boom” we’ve come to expect, who should pop up but the man who likes trains and also served as vice president for eight years.

Joe Biden appeared Thursday night at SALT in Las Vegas to speak to a room full of evil Wall Street banker types and drop a bomb or two. Would Biden have been a better candidate than Hillary Clinton? Speculating about what could have been is actually a refreshing break from conducting yet another postmortem on Hillary’s campaign.

Biden happily benefitted from Barack Obama’s enormous popularity, whether the two were seen running laps around the White House or making each other friendship bracelets, but he might have lost a few points by speaking up about the election.

Speaking of smart women, the debates between Joe Biden and Carly Fiorina would have been amazing. But could Biden really have ridden Obama’s coattails to a win? Could he win in 2020? America might find out.

And Barbra Streisand wouldn’t be packing on the pounds, either.


* * *