The investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is moving ahead thanks to the appointment of ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to oversee the probe.

That news came late in the afternoon, presumably while Laurence Tribe was fuming about the lack of movement on impeachment proceedings by Congress.

While Trump supporters and critics have been battling back and forth over which of 2016’s candidates deserves an investigation, Tribe reached all the way back to the Clinton presidency, where he indulged in a little bit of historical revisionism along the lines of saying Hillary was guilty only of sloppy record keeping.

Ewww … don’t ask about the consistency. The blue dress had more information than any of us wanted to know.

Wait, is Tribe suggesting those members of Congress are hypocrites for not calling for impeachment? We don’t know … ask Comey. Apparently these cases hinge on intent, and it’s pretty clear what Bill Clinton’s intentions were.

Someone needs to brush up on recent American history.

Keep hope alive:

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