Journalists have been doing a lot of congratulating of other journalists this past week as the New York Times and Washington Post have broken three stories that have more and more in Congress using the “I” word when referring to President Trump.

Maybe credit for this new golden age of journalism should go to Christiane Amanpour, who issued the wake-up call to reporters last November, reminding them it was now more important than ever “to commit to real reporting.”

ABC News chief political analyst and proud independent Matthew Dowd was among those struck by the amazing work being done by journalists to keep the White House in check and protect average citizens from government’s overreach.

Dowd’s tweet manages to leave out quite a bit of the First Amendment, but as long as we’re honoring journalists tonight, we’ll let it slide. But seriously: why the call for reporters to commit to doing their jobs unless it was clear there’d been an extended nap time?

Not true, you guys!

Seriously … how many times would it take to list all of the Obama-era scandals in order for some people to see them?

Hello, journalists? Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder labeled Fox News’ James Rosen a co-conspirator so the administration could spy on him. (Video of Rosen’s uncomfortable question about the Iran deal was also lost from the official archives due to a “glitch.”)

Journalists are breaking a ton of stories, but it helps if you count reprinting a tax return mailed to you anonymously as “breaking a story.” Reporting is a lot easier when those anonymous sources find you.

Sounds scandal-free, just like Obama said it was.

* * *