President Barack Obama’s first term seems like forever ago, but we remember pretty clearly that one of the buzzwords of his 2008 campaign was “infrastructure,” and voters were told horrifying tales of the many crumbling bridges from coast to coast that were likely to collapse at any second.

Thank goodness, then, that Obama moved right from his swearing-in ceremony to signing the 2009 Recovery Act into law, dedicating more than $800 billion to filling those shovel-ready jobs.

That wasn’t the end of it, though. In 2014, the Obama administration sought public support for more infrastructure spending under the hashtag, #RebuildAmerica.

Those 2014 numbers didn’t show a lot of progress over five years. Bridges were still crumbling, and hey, what happened to that nationwide network of high-speed rail trains that were supposed to replace highway travel?

Fast-forward to 2017, a new president, and a new report card from the American Society of Civil Engineers rating America’s infrastructure a D+.

Guess what, everyone — America’s roads and bridges are crumbling from underinvestment.

We’re still waiting on that border wall, but in the meantime, here’s one federal construction project that’s been completed and is already seeing heavy traffic. Presenting the two new duck ramps at the U.S. Capitol:

They considered a railing, but that would have added approximately $22 million to the final cost.

* * *