We’re pretty certain this is going to be one of those posts where tweets disappear before we’ve even had the chance to publish them.

Ben Domench, publisher of the Federalist, had the foresight to take a screen capture soon after the Washington Post tweeted that a woman allegedly tried to run a Congressman off the road over his vote for the American Health Care Act.

Wendi L. Wright was charged with reckless endangerment after police say she tried to run Rep. David Kustoff off the road following a town hall meeting May 8:

The Weakley County Sheriff’s Department said Wright tailed the car carrying Kustoff. At some point, the congressman and his aide became afraid and worried that Wright wanted to force them off the road.

They then turned into a driveway and stopped. That’s where Wright got out, screamed at the congressman and struck the windows of his vehicle, even reaching inside the car, the sheriff’s department said.

Authorities said Wright then stood in front of the vehicle to try to keep Kustoff from leaving. At some point, someone called 911, but Wright left before authorities arrived.

It took only minutes before people were empathizing with Wright and asking where to donate to her legal defense.

Yep. What is it that members of the resistance are always saying on Twitter? This is not normal? Well, this is not normal.

We need to clear our browser cache or something, because we didn’t see the part of the story where one of the two had to die for the other to live.

Who hasn’t thought often about blowing up the White House, and then sharing that fantasy on stage in front of a million women in knit pussy hats?

* * *