We always have to double-check to see if it’s Salon or Slate whenever we come across an attempt to ruin a holiday, but this time out it’s Slate, with its piece entitled, “You Will Hate Your Husband After Your Kid Is Born.”

Jancee Dunn, author of “How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids,” draws on personal anecdotes backed by scientific studies to show that having a baby creates a lot of new chores that husbands and wives don’t always split evenly; therefore, “If you have a husband, you will hate him when your kid is born.”

I thought I had married an evolved guy—one who assured me, when I was pregnant, that we would divide up the work equally. Yet right after our baby was born, we backslid into hidebound midcentury gender roles as I energetically overmet my expectations. I was feeding the baby, so I started cooking for the whole family (pre-baby, Tom and I had alternated). I was laundering our daughter’s absurdly large mountain of soiled onesies, so I took over laundry duty. Soon I was the “expert” in changing a diaper.

Hidebound midcentury gender roles strike again! Slate really missed out on a prime opportunity to add a big, bold “BREAKING” or “EXCLUSIVE” to its headline.

Just in case your baby is due tomorrow and Amazon Prime can’t deliver Dunn’s book to the maternity ward until Monday, here are a few tips to keep your marriage together until then.

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