Aside from North Korea launching another missile into the Sea of Japan, it’s been a typically slow Saturday in the news. That hasn’t kept The Hill in particular from bringing it.

Not only did the site help amplify the totally spontaneous and not-at-all media conscious act of a sweet 9-year-old bringing James Comey a plate of cookies to thank him for his service; it also helped bring the brave actions of some 200 resistance fighters to a national audience.

Amazing. CBS Los Angeles reports that the photo, taken at Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, comes from the Facebook page of Indivisible San Pedro. A member of the group told the station that the stunt was “a call for a special prosecutor to investigate whether there was Russian influence on the 2016 presidential election,” which obviously would have taken a lot more people to spell.

Judging by their Twitter feed, CNN seems to have dropped the ball on this breaking news, despite having reported in January on 12 friends who wrote “RESIST” in huge capital letters on a beach in Maine. Protests spelled the word with their bodies at Ocean Beach in February, but Saturday’s aerial photo is a melding of that form of resistance with golf course vandalism and therefore particularly newsworthy.


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