Ian Miles Cheong reported for Heat Street this week that the University of Arizona is accepting applications for “social justice advocates,” who will be paid $10 an hour (fight for $15!)  to “report any bias incidents or claims to appropriate Residence Life staff,” hold educational programs and maintain social justice bulletin boards.

There’s more to it than a meager income. According to the job description, social justice advocates will increase their self-understanding “through critical reflection of power and privilege, identity and intersectionality, systems of socialization, cultural competency and allyship as they pertain to the acknowledgement, understanding and acceptance of differences.”

That sort of free expression is just the sort of incident that social justice advocates will help to expose. David Burge managed to trigger quite a few wannabes, but he also caught the attention of the senior vice president of social justice at the New School; maybe she could use some student assistants to monitor Twitter on weekends.

If only Democrats could succeed in making college “free” for everyone while hiring more administrators to oversee crucial programs like social justice.

* * *