New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is no fan of Donald Trump, but he did take a moment during Thursday’s press conference to give not just one but two reasons why people shouldn’t vandalize the Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point.

The fact that it’s illegal should have been enough, but in New York, concepts like “legal” are particularly nuanced. Assuming the vandals who cut down four trees at the Trump golf course are U.S. citizens, they could be in real trouble.

It’s nice to see CBS News go with “vandals” rather than report that “environmental activists” had “pulled off a daring act of defiance.”

People were pretty amused to hear another golf course had been vandalized, though quite a few felt bad for the poor trees.  So many conflicting emotions …

The odds of that seem pretty slim considering the track record so far.

CNN noted that although the course is operated by the Trump Organization, it is owned by New York City.

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