When we last checked in with Shad Moss, the rapper formerly known as Lil’ Bow Wow, he was demanding that President Trump shut his punk ass up or else he and his mentor Snoop Dogg would pimp first lady Melania Trump “and make her work for us.”

That was pretty big talk, but it comes naturally when you’re living as large as Moss. Check out these sweet travel accommodations:

As the Verge and others reported, however, that photo appears to be a promotional shot ripped from the website of a Florida-based executive transportation company, and Moss was spotted on a commercial flight to New York that same day.

That tweet not only earned nearly 50,000 likes; it also spawned the #bowwowchallenge, a sort of photography contest that allows the rest of us to live as large as Bow Wow. Consider it the counterpoint to the #SNAPchallenge craze of 2013, in which well-off politicians chronicled their week living on a food stamp budget. Remember classics like these?

The Philadelphia Eagles are going to be sorry when Moss threatens to pimp them out too.

* * *