Last November, just before Election Day, GQ Special Correspondent Keith Olbermann declared James Comey’s position at the FBI “no longer tenable” and called for his firing.

As recent as last month the narrative was that it was “painfully obvious” that Comey, aided by the media, cost Hillary Clinton the presidency. Like most Americans, though, Olbermann didn’t realize that Comey was operating under deep cover to expose Donald Trump’s collusion with the Russians, render the 2016 election null and void and ensure Hillary’s return to the White House. But with Comey fired …

Joining David Frum and many others who don’t seem to know what a coup is, Olbermann on Thursday transmitted a desperate plea to intel agencies around the world to give up whatever they have to the Trump resistance.

Something like that Russian dossier? Progressives already tried that one, remember?

Come to think of it, progressives did melt down during the campaign when Trump supposedly asked Russian intelligence to find Hillary’s deleted emails since they were spying on us anyway. But since Trump’s election was illegitimate and he acquired his power through a coup, there’s no crime here … or something.

* * *