Former FBI Director James Comey’s termination was big enough news that CNN added a special “Non-Comey news” section to its homepage Wednesday.

But it was the Washington Post that scored biggest among its peers Wednesday night with the posting of a story on Comey’s firing that cited more than 30 officials.

Dan Pfeiffer‏, former senior advisor to President Barack Obama, had a good time picturing the Washington Post tearing up the lawn where his former boss used to live in relative peace and quiet, undisturbed by journalists.

Quite a few predicted that the leaks coming from the Trump administration would turn into a downpour once former FBI Director James Comey had been fired.

What? Unlike the last 50 or so, this bombshell is guaranteed to blow a hole big enough to sink Trump. It’s 30 sources!

By devoting several writers to paint the conflicting narrative patched together from the private accounts of so many officials, the Washington Post certainly has the White House by the throat … which makes a reader wonder who convinced the paper some clarification was needed on its other story on Sean Spicer, who wasn’t actually in the bushes Tuesday night, but among the bushes.