Almost as if a day since the election hadn’t passed without some sort of ridiculous theatrics from progressives, Politico published a piece Tuesday on some of the “brazen moves” the Left has adopted to protest the House’s passage of the American Health Care Act.

Liberal groups and activists are taking “a far more in-your-face tack than that being taken by more establishment organs of the Democratic Party,” report Kenneth P. Vogel and Kyle Cheney. These activists must be serious, then, seeing as establishment Democrats like Sen. Chris Murphy tweeted to members of the House GOP, “you will have the death of thousands of your conscience forever.”

As far as we know, Murphy isn’t participating in die-ins or mock funerals complete with “tombstones, coffins, even eulogies,” though, nor is he offering to mail the ashes of cremated loved ones to the member of Congress of your choice.

But can these even be called “shock tactics” anymore when the response in not so much awe as a hearty yawn? The Black Lives Matter movement spawned more die-ins than we could cover, in the middle of highways, retail stores, and Grand Central Station, and ACT UP (the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) held a die-in in front of Trump Tower last summer.

And yet …

Did it ever?

What’s most shocking is how many activists really did major in puppetry for just this purpose, apparently.


* * *