We’ll have to wait a little bit to see how the predictions that thousands or even millions will die because the House passed the AHCA play out, but while the nation is on death watch, it’s amusing to see how little time it took for some other outrageous claims about the bill to be debunked.

Both BuzzFeed and the Washington Post have run articles since the House vote challenging the viral online claim that the GOP bill classifies rape and sexual assault as preexisting conditions.

Where would people on social media get an idea like that? Well, a couple of handy source were Mic and New York Magazine, which Reason associate editor Elizabeth N. Brown took to school; specifically, to remedial reading comprehension class.

New York Magazine appended a correction to its original piece, but BizzyBlog went a step further and compared the revision to the version stored in Google’s cache, and the result looks a lot like a repeal and replace of the initial thesis.

… and “The Handmaid’s Tale” read like hysterical feminist dystopian pulp back in the ’80s, but now protesters are wearing Handmaid cosplay to state capitols rather than pussy hats or vagina costumes.

That was kind of the battle cry of the resistance from the very beginning; reflexively oppose everything proposed by the Trump administration and let the fact-checking follow if necessary.

* * *