Progressives faced a number of triggering developments Thursday, most importantly the House passage of the American Health Care Act. The meltdown that followed saw Obamacare’s defenders seeing how far they could stretch the death toll were the legislation to reach the president’s desk: thousands, tens of thousands, millions … everyone?

For some, the assault began the night before, as Vice President Mike Pence appeared at the Susan B. Anthony List’s 10th annual Campaign for Life Gala.

That’s cute, guys, but way to start with the false premise that the unborn count as lives … didn’t you watch super-scientist Bill Nye’s video?

Liberals say some crazy things during mass meltdowns, and Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts might have pulled something after stretching to get in on the fun.

Um … first of all, that’s straight-up offensive. Felons? Didn’t Watts notice that the Obama administration scrubbed the word “felon” from its communications because affixing a label like “felon” or “convict” to a felon or convict was alleged to “drain their sense of self-worth and perpetuate a cycle of crime”?

And up until January, might very well have had his sentence commuted, as long as the felony gun possession conviction was just “tacked on” to an unfairly harsh drug conviction to make his sentence even longer and maintain the unbalanced racial makeup of the prison population.

* * *