During a panel discussion in April which marked his return to the public eye, former President Barack Obama said that his next job would be helping prepare the next generation of leaders.

Quizzed by a high school student on the panel, Obama agreed that civics needed to be emphasized in schools; maybe that was another item on his to-do list as president that he just couldn’t squeeze in.

For some reason, we suspect Obama’s idea of civics education would skew a little more closely to community organizing than civics, but there’s no question that something needs to be done.

Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett has seen the evidence and is on board with an effort in Texas to make it mandatory for high school students to pass the same citizenship test given to immigrants who wish to become U.S. citizens.

We’re pretty sure he’s kidding. The Texas Tribute reports that under the bill, students would be able to take the multiple choice civics exam online any time after they enter the ninth grade.

It’s not mandatory in every state, but it’s getting there.