White dudes, right?

The jury is still out on just how many people the American Health Care Act will kill, and it hasn’t even made it through the Senate yet. Sen. Chris Murphy reminded House Republicans that the deaths of thousands will haunt them forever, while the Daily Kos called the vote a death sentence for millions of Americans.

It’s not unusual for reporters to make note of a bunch of white guys at a Trump thing, but today’s victory lap in the White House Rose Garden was particularly upsetting due to them taking away health care from millions of people who aren’t white men.

Whoa … if you zoom out, there are even more.

Who will step up and really make use of those 140 characters?

Yeah, but when the nation’s enemies begin hurling giant space rocks at America from the moon, you know you’ll be expecting white men to do something about it.

It really is, but that doesn’t let white women off the hook, does it?

* * *