When Netflix announced last August that Bill Nye would be hosting a brand new show on the streaming service, word was that “the science talk show will deal in facts.”

When the show finally premiered in April, though, the public’s interest in science was pretty much confined to discovering a method of erasing the “My Sex Junk” dance number from their memories.

In 2017, Rachel Bloom’s sex junk might be so much more than either/or, but it was a different story when Nye was on PBS. Some digging through YouTube managed to unearth an old episode of “Bill Nye, The Science Guy” in which a young woman uses X and Y refrigerator magnets to create all —both — possibilities for one’s sex at birth.

The Free Beacon’s Alex Griswold has dared to watch the episode in question on Netflix and reports that the lesson has been snipped.

… in the version of the episode uploaded to Netflix, the segment has been cut entirely. While noncontroversial at the time, the 1996 segment appears to contradict Netflix’s new series “Bill Nye Saves the World.”

The new show endorses a socially liberal understanding of gender, under which gender is defined by self-identification rather than genetics and there are more than just the two traditional genders.

But the science was settled! Next thing you know, they’ll be saying Pluto isn’t really a planet, or that humans don’t have to worry so much about mass extinction due to global cooling.

That poor girl’s big acting break has been sent down the memory hole.

* * *