The #BlackLivesMatter movement has been pushed out of the media spotlight almost entirely as journalists devote their attention instead to “the resistance.” Still, it’s worth noting that only a year ago, during the 2016 campaign season, Hillary Clinton had joined forces with the “Mothers of the Movement” and was issuing tweets and statements regarding some of the most high-profile police-involved shootings.

Alton Sterling’s shooting in Baton Rouge, La., was caught in graphic detail on cell phone video, and the Justice Department opened a civil rights investigation. That investigation did not uncover sufficient evidence to pursue federal charges against the officers, which Sterling’s family members learned Tuesday from news reports, not from the Justice Department.

Officials cleared up the confusion with an afternoon press conference Wednesday, during which they confirmed that the feds were handing the case and related evidence over to Louisiana for investigation into state criminal violations.

The Advocate’s Bryn Stole summarized the findings shared during the press conference.

As a convicted felon on probation, Sterling could not legally possess a firearm, despite a dubious claim from Think Progress.

Arrests were made Tuesday night after protesters blocked traffic near the convenience store where Sterling was killed.

Baton Rouge Mayor Sharon Broome and Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards held a joint press conference Wednesday as well, expressing confidence in state prosecutors.

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