Depending on the news outlet, it’s very likely that the person who wrote the article didn’t write the headline, and someone else entirely might be in charge of composing the tweets.

That arrangement usually doesn’t present much of a problem, especially if everyone in the newsroom is happy with the narrative being pushed. It’s too bad, then, that after so many journalists announced their recommitment to honest, no-holds-barred truth-telling after an eight-year vacation, so many fake news headlines are being retweeted.

For example:

This story has fascism, totalitarianism, misogyny … everything! We know that dystopian fiction is hot right now, but how about a little less fiction in the news?


The Huffington Post quoted the foreperson of the jury as saying, “She did not get convicted for laughing. It was her actions as she was being asked to leave.” Again, that’s straight from a juror. But the notion that people are being jailed for laughing at Trump and his cabinet makes a much more compelling account of America’s descent into fascism.

Um, sentenced to prison? Her sentencing hearing isn’t even scheduled until June 21.

We’ll go out on a limb here and predict she serves no jail time, though she’ll probably be fined.

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Here’s Slate’s take.

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