Hillary Clinton said a lot of things Tuesday when she opened up to Christiane Amanpour about her election loss, and not surprisingly, she had some complaints to air regarding the current president.

Revisiting the 2016 election is bad enough, but Clinton might want to draw her own red line there rather than reopen the door on her tenure in the Obama administration — you can’t just wipe away her own track record, like, with a cloth or something.

Clinton, who really doesn’t seem to realize she was a major figure in the administration that spawned the term “hashtag diplomacy,” told  Amanpour:

Negotiations are critical, but they have to be part of a broader strategy, not just thrown out on a tweet some morning that, “Hey, let’s get together and, you know, see if we can’t get along and maybe we can, you know, come up with some kind of a deal.” That doesn’t work.

John Kerry really did Clinton a favor when he chose to respond to a terrorist attack in Paris with a James Taylor performance, but as low a bar as he set there, Clinton’s reset button holds its own.

Well, first you dispatch an aide to track down a big plastic button and a label maker, and then …

Hillary at the very least could have told her friends in the Obama White House to stop embarrassing themselves with those hashtag cards.

* * *