President Trump took a pass on the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner Saturday night and instead held a rally in Harrisburg, Pa., where New York Magazine correspondent Olivia Nuzzi caught this photo:

Well, there’s a really big dude wearing a T-shirt that says “Keystone State — Central Pa.” Is this one of those “when you see it…” photos, or is there something obvious we’re missing?

OK. We get that Keystone United is a skinhead group, and sure, if you’re a white supremacist and into that sort of thing, a quick search shows you can buy a T-shirt online.

Not being up on skinhead groups, though, wouldn’t Keystone United T-shirts say “Keystone United” on them? We don’t know. The photo’s getting around, though.

Following up is supposed to be the reporter’s job, right? Is this guy a skinhead or what?

There does seem to be a way to find out for sure if the guy is indeed a skinhead as implied.

Or, take a photo from behind and let strangers on Twitter make fun of him and the rest of the audience.

Our verdict? We have no idea what the guy’s story is, so we’ll stick with “until proven guilty.”

Joyce Carol Oates was amused, so whether the guy is a skinhead, used to be a skinhead, or was just smeared online, it was worth it.