Blame Matt Yglesias for setting off Monday’s torrent of fake news about Chelsea Clinton with a tweet suggesting she’s running for office, which of course she’s never said she’s doing.

Actually, just laying low for a bit would be a much more effective way of disproving any political ambitions, if that’s what she’s after … but look at us mansplaining. Apparently it can’t be helped when it comes to the Clinton women.

Yes — because he responded to her (dubious) tweet, she has to tell him all of her future plans … such is the power of the patriarchy.

Oh, look, another man. Even in 2017, they’re everywhere, still. Hillary would have built that wall around them by now were she president.

Chelsea Clinton tweets; one does not tweet about Chelsea Clinton.

Remember back in 2000 when Hillary Clinton was literally assaulted on the debate stage by Rick Lazio? Yeah, looks like we’re doing that again.

Do they have to go from door to door announcing that?

Wow … so triggered. And Tau didn’t even tweet Chelsea Clinton — that’s just how stalker-y this guy is, see?

Just a little perspective here on why people — sorry — why white men would be so quick to question Chelsea’s answer.