Bill Maher exercises his freedom of speech a lot more than we’d like him to, but he’s dead-on in his assessment of the University of California, Berkeley, and its apparent inability to host “controversial” (i.e., conservative) speakers without being shamed into finding a space safe enough to allow free expression on campus.

Hold up, there. Author Joyce Carol Oates suggests that Maher look into the nuances of the issue.

But … the nuance.

Really … the issue is the expense. And not the expense to compensate the speaker, but the expenses racked up by the so-called anti-fascists who break windows, start fires, pepper-spray people, and then vandalize nearby businesses and pull people out of their cars.

Instead of charging admission, how about charging some of these thugs with assault?

So the solution to the free speech problem is what? Invite only “non-controversial” speakers who won’t draw protesters?

Not to mention: When it comes to security, you don’t aways get what you pay for.

It’s hard out there for a “controversial” speaker.

* * *