There’s gotcha journalism, and then there’s this, which doesn’t quite measure up to the standard of gotcha journalism but was a sincere attempt.

MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin caught President Trump during a news conference with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni claiming opera legend Luciano Pavarotti as a good friend — despite the fact that Pavarotti passed away 10 years ago.

The moment was caught on video so viewers can witness the shocking moment themselves.

Trump, obviously, is mentally unsound. He really needs to be removed from office immediately and Hillary Clinton seated in the White House, where she can again commune with the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt to help undo the damage Trump has done … it’s all straightforward from here.


Tough crowd. Maybe a lot of us who still consider those who have passed away our friends should schedule neurological exams while Obamacare’s still covering them.

* * *


Stop the presses; no less of an expert on the subject than Keith Olbermann has studied the clip and determined that Trump is crazier than previously believed.

* * *