Voting is just about to close for the 2017 Webby Awards, and as Twitchy reported, the “Shout Your Abortion” website is in a tight two-way race to win an award in the activism category. The site exists as a clearinghouse for women to speak openly about their abortions without shame or judgment and express their gratitude for the procedure.

In that context, it’s awfully strange that Chelsea Clinton, whose mother’s campaign was inseparably attached to Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood, would allow an essay of hers to be discussed in a magazine that would post a shameless guilt trigger like this to social media:

Wow … “life inside of you”? What a disgusting and patriarchal sentiment that normalizes motherhood and elevates a clump of cells to personhood. And yet, Chelsea’s recent essay (when does she sleep!) on breastfeeding was featured Wednesday by Fit Pregnancy.

Someone’s working on it as we speak. But, as Mollie Hemingway wondered, isn’t it kind of weird that we’re not supposed to notice Operation Chelsea at work?