After news got around Tuesday that a protected DREAMer had been deported under the Trump administration for the first time, amnesty advocates were vocal about their displeasure, with Jennifer Granholm in particular tweeting that the deportation was proof that Trump is a menace to families and humanity.

Rep. Steve King of Iowa, however, wasn’t spitting mad, although his tweet certainly made quite a few people want to spit in his beer … or worse. King poured a virtual cold one for the Border Patrol as thanks for their deporting the “first non-valedictorian DREAMer.”

Customs and Border Protection said Tuesday it could not discuss the February deportation of Juan Manuel Montes, 23, because of the department’s privacy policy. Montes reportedly couldn’t produce his ID or proof of his DACA status when approached by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer.

As is standard prodedure, USA TODAY came through with a brief biography of Montes:

The shy Montes was never a poster child for the DACA program. He wasn’t his high school’s valedictorian or a prominent advocate for fellow DREAMers.

He suffered a traumatic brain injury as a child that left him with learning disabilities that meant a constant struggle to keep up in school and everyday conversations, according to [executive director of the National Immigration Law Center Marielena] Hincapié. Despite those challenges, he made it through special education courses and graduated high school in 2013. He started taking welding classes at a Southern California community college and paid for it by picking crops in California and Arizona.

He lived with his mother and a younger brother, who was born in the U.S. and, thus, is a citizen. His mother did not want to be named or reveal her immigration status.

Court records show he has four convictions: one for shoplifting in January 2016, and three for driving without a license, most recently three months ago.

The paper reports that soon after being deported, Montes “saw some people using a rope to climb over a section of the border wall and joined them. He was quickly captured by federal agents, questioned again and deported again.”

So, was Steve King’s offering of a beer a bit too cold?

* * *


A spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security has disputed Montes’ story of his deportation. As noted above, his lawyers say he was waiting for a ride home from a dinner date when he was caught without ID and detained immediately. The DHS says he was arrested by Border Patrol agents after illegally climbing over a fence in Calexico on Feb. 19.

Montes’ DACA had expired in 2015 and not renewed, according to federal records, Christensen said.

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