It isn’t taking long for authorities and the public to learn more about Kori Ali Muhammad, whom police believe is the man who shot and killed three during a shooting spree in Fresno Tuesday as well as a security guard outside a Motel 6 last Thursday.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said at a press conference that there was no clear link to terrorism in Muhammad’s alleged actions, although police did say Muhammad “had posts on Facebook saying he didn’t like white people.”

The Fresno Bee didn’t waste any time tracking down Muhammad’s Twitter feed and Facebook page, where he makes numerous references to “grafted white devil skunks,” a nod to the theory that the white race was created by an evil scientist over hundreds of years.

Muhammad’s Facebook posts also includes messages like, “Black warriors mount up and ride out.” He appears to be a climate watcher as well, posting weather updates like, “DEADLY CATACLYSMIC NATURAL DISASTERS STRIKING yakubs grafted white devils and their kind GLOBALLY ” and “MEGA DEADLY CATACLYSMIC HEATWAVES STRIKING yakubs grafted white devils and their kind.”