Quite a few people might remember a death notice published months before the 2016 election which claimed the deceased had chosen to “pass into the eternal love of God” rather than face the prospect of voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. The notice went viral, and the woman’s family admitted to the local news that it was written as a lighthearted joke.

CNN is passing around another death notice today about a man who died in peace upon hearing that the president had been impeached, although there’s no indication from either the tweet or accompanying headline that the anecdote is anything but fact:

Not one to spread fake news, CNN makes a note in its accompanying news story: “To be clear, Trump has not been impeached.”

First, we’re not sure how this is news, and second, check out the tone of the entire death notice, not just the part about Mike’s final, gentle breath after hearing Trump had been impeached. We’re a lot more interested in Mike’s stint as a cross-dressing basketball player named “Skaggy Maggie” than his politics, frankly:

After college at University of Virginia, he moved to Long Beach, Calif., where, among other things, he joined a semi-pro basketball team that toured the country playing exhibition games, dressed as women. At such times Mike was called Skaggy Maggie and continued round-ball domination, albeit with a different uniform.

“An Oregon man died peacefully after falsely being told President Donald Trump was impeached” is a bit much. Come on, CNN, read the whole obit … it’s funny.