It’s a bit too late for today’s rally, but our best wishes to anyone who decides to hold any sort of march or event in Berkeley, Calif., that might upset the so-called anti-fascists, or “antifa” for short, who seem dead-set on ensuring any celebration of liberty ends in literal flames.

Berkeley, of course, is where “the resistance” managed to shut down a Milo Yiannopoulos speech before it could begin and then smashed windows and set fires anyway before marching through the streets and vandalizing local businesses. Just over a month later, the anti-fascists attacked attendees of Berkeley’s #March4Trump rally with pepper spray, fireworks, and smoke bombs.

That’s February and March covered; now, in mid-April, the organizer behind the #March4Trump rally gave freedom of peaceful assembly another shot with his Free Speech Rally in Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park.

Everything on that poster looks encouraging, until, of course, you get the part about the event being held in Berkeley. Of course, there couldn’t be a free speech event without the antifa showing up in their uniform black hoodies with bandanas over many of their faces. “Quickly turned violent” is now officially a cliché when writing about anything that happens there.

BAMN stands for By Any Means Necessary; check out Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with Yvette Felarca for some insight into the group’s leadership. Our post on the protest outside Gavin McInnes’ NYU speech has some background on the Proud Boys.

Here’s a selfie from featured speaker Lauren Southern.

Sweden’s not looking so good these days.

We’re not sure how long the pepper-sprayings will be going on, but we’ll keep an eye out for further developments and a tally of arrests.

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Wow … maybe one of those shellshocked journalists who could post nothing but “THIS IS NOT NORMAL” for months after the election would like to explain how this has been allowed to happen over and over again in the same city.