As Twitchy reported, Daniel W. Drezner of the Washington Post on Tuesday alleged in a tweet that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had described illegal aliens as “filth,” which was a “f**king embarrassing” thing for a U.S. official to say. Drezner soon learned that his tweet had caught on, but not for the reason he might have wanted: Sessions never even used the word “filth” in his speech.

On Wednesday, Drezner published an apology in the Washington Post, acknowledging that his original apology on Twitter was “insufficient given all the attention this received,” and he’s right: the original tweet, which is still online, is currently hovering just over 5,000 retweets.

The apology, meanwhile, has garnered around 150 retweets — not something under Drezner’s control, but a problem nonetheless.

It was good of Drezner to apologize at length in the Washington Post, although to get to the apology readers first had to slog through two paragraphs cementing his anti-Sessions credentials: “Full disclosure: The hard-working staff here at Spoiler Alerts does not like Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Not one little bit.” Shocker!

“I need to point out that I got this tweet wrong” would have sufficed, but it beats deleting the original and pretending it was never written.

* * *