A lot of town hall meetings have passed, as has the attention paid by the media to overflow crowds of attendees and protesters, many following directions provided by groups like Indivisible through its handy Town Hall Resistance Guide.

Rep. Ted Yoho recently held a series of town hall meetings in Florida which recaptured some of the chaos of earlier gatherings, although as far as we know, he was never escorted out of a meeting and past demonstrators by police.

That doesn’t mean things didn’t get rowdy, as seen in this video which was re-captioned by Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts. Unfortunately, from what we can hear, the clip doesn’t include the audio where Yoho claimed the Founding Fathers “totally supported selling gun silencers without a background check.”

However, someone can be heard shouting “musket,” so apparently this is one of those arguments that the Founding Fathers never imagined the firearm technology available to us today — either that, or someone thought they saw Piers “Musket” Morgan and gave him a shout.

The battle over the Hearing Protection Act and the sale of suppressors has been documented here before, with politicians like Sen. Chris Murphy and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand arguing a gun’s loud bang is a built-in safety feature, and that witnesses would not be able to hear a gun fired by a criminal who was allowed to affix a “silencer” to his firearm in New York City.

Speaking of things that are impossible to silence, here’s some more video of Yoho’s town hall meetings, complete with some questions and answers that didn’t play well with the resistance.

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