If there’s anything more frightening to college students in 2017 than a Chick-fil-A Express in the student lounge, it’s a visit by Charles Murray, who wrote … a whole bunch of stuff, but never mind that … “The Bell Curve.”

Murray has been inspiring meltdowns on college campuses across the country this spring, most recently at Indiana University in Bloomington.

Wow, 170 signatures. And yet … he persisted.

Like other “controversial” speakers who have inspired college students and faculty members to look inward and conclude that free speech isn’t that important after all, Murray was met with hundreds of protesters who aren’t nearly as brilliant as they’ve been led to believe.

Take the Young Democratic Socialists, for example, who were upset that their steep college tuitions weren’t going to ensure the campus was an open and safe place for marginalized groups and instead to protect a speaker who doesn’t represent the interest of the students. And IU tells them to be critical!

Those who dared hear what Murray had to say were given a handout suggesting they neither provoke nor ridicule protesters if they did not wish to engage them.

Oh, and here’s a protester in a unicorn mask flipping off the police.

Thank goodness we were spared whatever hateful nonsense Murray had to say.