There was a lot of head scratching when President Trump decided that Dr. Ben Carson, a pediatric neurosurgeon, would be just the person to run the Department of Housing and Urban Development. (Rep. Nancy Pelosi released a statement calling Carson “disturbingly unqualified.”)

Carson got off to a rough start when he referred to slaves as immigrants in a speech to his new staff, but today he got down to business, touring Eureka Gardens with Sen. Marco Rubio. The subsidized housing complex in Jacksonville, Fla., had managed to maintain its HUD contract despite failing multiple inspections.

Fixing Eureka Gardens has been a priority of Rubio’s for a while now; during testimony last fall, Rubio fingered HUD for enabling slumlords.

Tuesday’s tour with Carson seemed to go well.

Carson had some intriguing things to contribute Tuesday, including the idea of housing savings accounts that would allow residents to save toward a down payment on their own home, as well as “vision centers” to provide career guidance to young people.

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