Word has it that Matt Stoller is prominent voice on the left, although the fact that he’s made no attempt to conceal his tenure as senior policy advisor to Alan Grayson is proof enough to us that he’s firmly to the left of the left and happy there.

However, progressives as prominent as Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, weren’t thrilled to hear Stoller’s deep thoughts on President Trump’s missile strike on Syria and the ongoing conflict in the region, which he posted in response to the New York Times’ own attempt to cover for Barack Obama.

“Poisoned” is in really poor taste, considering everyone knows by now that Russia gave Assad the green light to gas his own people so that Trump could strike Syria and distract the American public from Putin’s hacking of the election.

Imagine the outrage if progressives ever found out Obama’s DOJ was running guns to Mexico. In any case, those rebels probably bought them at a gun show in the American Midwest, since they could avoid background checks that way.

Exit question: Who asked Matt Stoller what the United States should do in Syria?

* * *