As Twitchy reported, Hillary Clinton dazzled the audience at the Women in the World conference Thursday with her fab foreign policy jam, which included a call for the United States to finally make good on some of those red lines her former boss had drawn and take out Syria’s air fields in retaliation for a chemical attack that shocked the world earlier in the week.

It would have been hard not to notice just how soon after Clinton had shared her thoughts on how to send a message to Bashar al-Assad that actual missiles began to fly toward the airbase in Syria where that chemical attack is believed to have originated.

It really doesn’t speak well for anybody that a number of people theorized that President Trump would choose not to launch an airstrike simply because Hillary Clinton suggested that she would. There are tweets like those from 2013 about the nuclear option that didn’t age well, and then there are tweets that really didn’t age well.

As the risk of making our own prediction that won’t age well, this is almost a certainty: the media will spend the next day or two at least analyzing the brilliance of shadow president Hillary Clinton’s strategy while criticizing the Trump administration’s execution.