Deadspin, the hybrid sports and politics site currently and forever owned by Sen. Ted Cruz for the sum of just one tweet, seems to be having a bit of a crisis Thursday night over the launch of missiles at a Syrian airbase where it’s believed the government launched a chemical weapons attack.

It seems that it’s not the airstrike itself, which was supported in theory by Hillary Clinton just before it became fact under the order of President Trump, that has Deadspin upset, but rather the Pentagon’s placement of war propaganda in the media. As Twitchy reported, the Pentagon released both still photos and video of the missiles being launched from sea.

No site allegedly about sports could survive the intense blast of a take as hot and direct as that one. We hope Cruz enjoyed his short-lived volunteer status as the sole owner of a failing website.

It’s understandable why photos of the U.S. Military doing its thing are so triggering to Deadspin leadership (Cruz excluded, of course); yet another missile test by the North Koreans has them on edge: