Dual crises in Syria and North Korea this week managed to turn the attention of journalists, politicians, and pundits outward for a bit as all waited to see how the Trump administration would react compared to his predecessor.

And then there were those who enjoyed a respite in the safe space created by Hillary Clinton as she conducted what Tina Brown called a “fab foreign policy jam” at the end of the Women in the World conference — it’s the bit where Hillary really cuts loose and does some extended improvisation that breathes new life into her familiar hits.

Of course, the palpable sense of loss that the American voters had sent such a great brain to the dugout was felt as a great disturbance throughout the audience.

And yet, there was hope in abundance, as heroes from all across the political spectrum, from far left to very far left, mixed and mingled, and discussed the state of women in the world. Cecile Richards has been tireless in her efforts to see that there are fewer women in the world, and men too.


Justin Trudeau!

American’s Canadian sweetheart, Samantha “Sorry I Said You Had Nazi Hair I Didn’t Know You Had Stage 4 Brain Cancer” Bee!

Even some of the crazy women who sneaked out of the cracks of acceptable feminist society managed to step up and give it their best.


If you can handle it, here’s Hillary jamming some foreign policy into your ears, along with a laundry list of reasons she won’t be the one implementing any of it.

* * *